Someone bought the NFT of a luxury yacht for 650K dollars

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The news, first announced by Hyperbeast, converts the operation to the most expensive NFT never sold at The Sandbox. In other words, someone has bought a luxury mega yacht that does not exist in the real world, only in the metaverse.

It is the Metaflower, a Super Mega yacht that has been acquired for 149 ether, according to etherscan. It is described as an ultra-luxury megayacht, which has a DJ booth, two helipads and a hot tub, among other amenities (we repeat, it cannot be touched because it does not exist).

The digital asset was launched by Republic Realm, a metaverse developer, for The Fantasy Collection’s luxury NFT line designed for The Sandbox, in turn, a virtual world where users can buy, sell, build, own and trade digital goods. created on the Ethereum network.

In fact, the yacht is not an anomaly. Other luxury products include private islands, jet skis, and ultra-speedboats. In The Sandbox players can create digital assets like NFT and put them on the market. Those who possess sand, the main utility token of the platform, can participate in the governance of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO.

If all this sounds like science fiction to you, it is because, probably, very few years ago all this would be more typical of a film of the genre. We talk about the sale of luxury goods in a metaverse, a new three-dimensional version of the network.

For example, a few weeks ago, a parcel of digital land in Decentraland, a virtual world, sold for $ 2.43 million, a steep price that exceeded the cost of most homes in New York City and San Francisco.

By the way, shortly after, another parcel of digital land was sold for $ 2.3 million in Axie Infinity, Another Virtual World. [BusinessInsider]

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