Soldiers Wounded After Ambush by Suspected Hitmen in Mexico

At least six soldiers were injured in an ambush perpetrated by suspected hitmen in one of the most violent municipalities in Michoacán

At least six soldiers were injured in an ambush perpetrated this Tuesday by alleged hitmen in the Mexican state of Michoacán, near the border with the state of Jalisco, in the west of the country. 

The attack occurred on Tuesday afternoon, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Tepalcatepec, one of the most violent in Michoacán, a source from the 43 military zones, based in the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán, confirmed to Efe. 

The soldiers were part of a military patrol that in “all terrain” vehicles traveled through the towns known as  TaixtánPueblo Viejo, and El Cansangue

The soldiers were ambushed by an armed commando that attacked them with AR-15 and AK-47 assault rifles, which sparked a confrontation that lasted along several roads in those communities. 

After the exchange of fire, the attackers fled through wooded areas, leaving traces of blood that lead the military authorities to presume that several of the hitmen were also injured. 

The injured soldiers were taken by their comrades to a regional hospital, while groups of soldiers and National Guard agents began a search for the attackers. 

A helicopter gunship from the Secretariat of National Defense ( Sedena ) was also added to the operation, which flew over towns and intricate areas of the Michoacan municipalities of Tepalcatepec, Coalcomán, and Chinicuila, which border the state of Jalisco, where it also spread the search for the armed command. 

According to information from the intelligence areas of the State Police and the Attorney General of Michoacán (FGE), the entity operating criminal organizations calling themselves as cartel TepalcatepecCartel Jalisco New Generation ( CJNG ), and La Nueva Familia Michoacana ( LNFM ), which dispute the control of drug production and trafficking. 

State authorities have identified that members of the Tepalcatepec Cartel function as a group of armed civilians, called self-defense groups, to hide their illicit activities, and operate on the border with Jalisco. 

The Tepalcatepec cartel is headed by the alleged drug trafficker Juan José Farías Álvarez “El Abuelo Farías” , a former partner of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho”, leader of the criminal organization of the CJNG. 

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