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Welcome to this live economy blog where you can keep up to date with the latest news in this area. Here you will find out about the aid provided by the I.R.S.issues related to Social Security, tax credits, stimulus checks and some other subsidies that the federal government has.

You will also be able to know the dollar pricethe situation of the cryptocurrencies in the world, and everything related to United States economy that could have an impact on the families’ pockets.

Latest news on economic stimuli available in the USA this Thursday, August 4.

The eighth month of the year has arrived and the second part of it is already underway. The situation seems to improve a little, however, there are still some difficulties in the different cities in the United States as well as in much of the world due to different economic issues.

the pandemic of covid-19 It is not over yet and the new waves of infections continue to cause problems in the country’s economy. In addition, some supplies have been reduced and the repercussions of the war between Russia and Ukraine continue to cause problems in the United States.

The attempt to recover the world continues, but it faces multiple difficulties as the pandemic continues unabated. The confinements, sanitary measures and other protocols imposed by the different governments affect the economy and the rates are increasingly alarming.

Also, as a consequence of the historical debt levels and the advance of inflation, many countries have problems to deal with these issues. That is why the actions of governments are increasingly concrete.

In the United States, inflation, which is the highest in the last 40 years, has caused many problems and many are suffering the consequences of high costs in daily life. Stimulus from the federal government continues and is helping thousands of people who live in the country.

The different states have been helping and stimulating the citizenry apply to programs to get money. There are approved budgets so that families have a little more income and can afford the costs.

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