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According to the most recent Atlas VPN study, Apple is the technology company that offers the highest rewards to its users for reporting bugs in its software systems.

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Most manufacturers have bounty programs for bugs that may have been overlooked during the development of operating systems. In the event that the ‘error’ affects a product or service, an economic bonus can be received for the finding.

Apple, for example, pays between US$100,000 and US$1 million users and researchers who find ‘exploits’ on their devices. In fact, according to the Atlas VPN study, the company quintuples the amounts provided by Samsung in these cases.

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behind Apple, in second place is Huawei, which offers between US$200 and US$223,000 as rewards to users. It is followed by Samsung, which pays between $200 and $200,000 to announce bugs.

It should be noted that these amounts of money mainly depend on the level of severity of the error and its corresponding exposure to attacks by cybercriminals.

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