so you can see the cities through cartography

The application of Google Maps never ceases to amaze us and on this occasion, Google’s most popular service has received a very promising improvement and that will revolutionize the app. Is about an immersive vision called ‘Immersive View’ or ‘Immersive View’.

With this new tool, what is intended is to take advantage of all the potential that Google Maps has to show 3D cities built thanks to real images. Although they want to go much further and it will even be possible to simulate climates or visit the interior of a building.

Discover Google Lens, the app that offers you information with just a photograph.

To build this immersive vision billions of images have been necessary that combined with each other, it will be possible to have street view 2.0 with an aerial never achieved before and the possibility of entering the interior of the buildings.

Own Google advertised on your account Twitter this release with a video of some 3D recreations of interiors and restaurants in the city of Londonwhich has been taken as an example.

If we take a look at the video, you can see the impressive Big Ben in three dimensions or a restaurant with all the details thanks to all the images that the company has been keeping for years.

This interactive map shows you the typical dishes of each country.

With this immersive mode in addition to cities and buildings, you can check the weather or check the traffic in a certain place. The different territories can be seen from the street or from the sky.

The speaker Marc Vidal shared a video through his Twitter account where you can see how you can consult the climate with this new tool.

The global rollout of this feature will be slow though the forecast is that it will be available in some cities throughout this yearbut we still don’t know which ones will be the lucky ones.

This new tool allows you to draw a marine map for a specific use.

Another novelty announced by Google will be the possibility of choosing the most economical route in terms of fuel consumptiona function that is added to the one that already included offering you the fastest route, but for now, we will have to wait to be able to enjoy all of this.

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