Skoda is showing the interior of the new Kodiaq and Superb for the first time. It has a novelty that is sure to please everyone.

So far, Škoda has shown the interior of both cars in more expensive trim levels, which, of course, can best showcase all the important new items – even if some of them will be for an extra charge.

“For us, Škoda brand interiors stand for intuitiveness, simplicity, customer focus and smart solutions. Our latest innovation is multifunctional smart watch faces. They allowed us to extend the intuitive control of vehicle functions and combine the best of both worlds: manual control and digital displays. The new Kodiaq and Superb interiors will also feature a large free-standing display, a steering-column-mounted shifter and a neat center console. With these changes, we have been able to create an even more spacious and comfortable interior that is attractive and practical, and at the same time offers customers real added value,” says Peter Olah, Head of Interior Design at Škoda Auto.

The interior design of the two new Škoda cars is different: both have a different dashboard design, a different look for the center console, or different door panels. But the concept of management is almost the same.

Photo: Skoda Auto

In the new Kodiaq we can also find physical controllers!

In both models, the gear selector is located on the steering column. Other new additions to the Kodiaq and Superb models are the head-up display, which now complements the 10-inch digital instrument cluster (virtual cockpit), as well as the central infotainment screen, which is 13 inches larger than ever before.

Another premiere is multifunctional Smart Dials. These are rotary and push controls that combine manual and digital control.

Each of these three push-and-turn controls below the infotainment screen has a digital display with a 32 mm active area and provides quick access to a range of vehicle functions, depending on equipment.

Photo: Skoda Auto

New multifunction panel in Škoda Superb.

Two external multifunctional controls for the driver and passenger control the interior temperature, seat heating, seat ventilation and display the currently selected function.

With the central controller, the driver can control up to four different functions, such as volume, ventilation, airflow direction, changing the driving mode or zooming in or out of the navigation map. The central controller can be configured in the infotainment menu, a long press of the button switches individual functions.

Another interesting novelty is wireless smartphone charging up to 15 W and active cooling. In the Kodiaq model, it can even work with two phones placed next to each other.

In addition, up to four 45W USB-C sockets and a 15W USB-C socket for the interior rearview mirror will be available.

Photo: Skoda Auto

The interior of the new Škoda Superb has changed significantly.

Škoda also boasts ergonomic Top seats with pneumatic massage function. They are equipped with ten pneumatically controlled massage bags and offer several massage programs. The lumbar support is adjustable in four directions.

The interior also uses environmentally friendly materials, Škoda uses them for all textiles and two traditional Simply Clever elements – an umbrella on the driver’s door and an ice scraper. In the Kodiaq model, buyers can choose from several interiors, the highlight of which is the ecoSuite interior in black or brown. All fabrics are made from 100% recycled polyester.

The leather used in the ecoSuite is tanned in an environmentally friendly way using coffee bean residues. For the top L&K model, the L&K Suite interior is also available in black and brown. The leather used in the Suite Brown interior is tanned using residual water from olive processing.

In conclusion, we recall that the second generation of the Kodiaq and the fourth version of the Superb, Škoda is due to present this fall.

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