Skins: LGBT+ moments that live in our memory

Skins (Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley, 2007) was one of the most popular titles on Channel 4, a British channel that began its broadcasts in November 1982, so it is a good opportunity to remember some of the LGBT+ moments of this series.

Before Euphoria, Skins was the Serie youth who, in addition to opening our musical panorama, included LGBT+ characters and moments in its main plot. Although it is one of the titles that causes us the most nostalgia (especially for those of us who were born in the late 90s), this British satire is a bittersweet episode in gender-diverse representation.

Although the story created by Jamie Brittany Y Bryan Elsley it was one of the wide-ranging LGBT+ titles —and at some point it entered the pretentious ‘cult’ category—, the writers replicated certain problematic axes. Nevertheless, for many people it was a first approach to issues of sexual diversity.

While you remember what was your ritual to see Skinswe share with you some moments that live in the memory of the Z LGBT+ generation public.

Emily comes out to Katie and talks about her feelings for Naomi

Total, of the 3 generations of Skins, we found 7 LGBT+ characters: Cassie, Tony, Naomi, Emily, Franky, Maxxie and Sophia. The romance that we remember the most is that of emily fitch (Kathryn Prescott) Y Naomi Campbell (lily loveless).

On previous occasions we have rescued that Naomily It’s not exactly the best lesbian representation we’ve had. Unlike, relates to romantic relationships between women as something that, per sebrings pain, suffering, dishonesty and infidelity. FIND OUT WHAT OTHER SERIES FAILED TO REPRESENT LGBT+.

However, before all the toxicity and unnecessary drama, Skins He gave us one of the most memorable LGBT+ moments. While the students of roundview college enjoying the dance of love, Katie (Megan Prescott) argues with Naomi. When Emily hears her lesbophobic comments, she gets into a fight with her sister.

Finally, he stands up, shakes her hand, and tells her that she can’t live up to her expectations because she wants to be proud of who she is. It is in that take when he tells her that he likes girls and is in love with Naomi. The next cut, this couple reconciles and motivates Pandora (Lisa Backwell) Y Thomas (Merveille Lukeba) decide to give themselves another chance.

Mini apologizes to Franky

Although much of the public who saw Skins continues to be upset with the writers for separating Mini (Freya Mavor) Y Frankie (Dakota Blue Richards), at this point we can assure you that it was a good decision. With this couple we saw a typical example of troubled abuser. THESE ARE SOME OTHER SERIES THAT EXPLAIN WHAT THE TROPE IS TROUBLED ABUSER.

Before Mini and Franky kissed in the play, Mini teased Franky, very much in her role as the worn-out queen-B. However, one of the scenes that we appreciate is when Mini takes responsibility for her violence and apologizes to Franky.

Maxxie and Tony star in LGBT+ moments that live on in the memory of those we watched Skins

Although he did not continue the story, Skins It was one of the first series. prime time that showed a sexual-affective rapprochement between a gay boy and a bisexual boy. maxxie (Mitch Hewer) Y Tony (Nicholas Hoult), both from the first generation, had a couple of scenes horny. But they never got to have a relationship. THIS IS HOW THE ACTORS LOOK LIKE TODAY skins.

Maxxie and Tony / Photo: Channel 4

Given the way in which Tony behaves after their encounters -the same ones that he finds out about Michelle (April Pearson)—, Maxxie talks about her feelings and sets her limits. For the second season, after Tony’s accident, it is Maxxie who is always there to support him.

For this reason, more than a decade after the launch of Skinswe continue saying that Maxxie deserved more. His character was a clear example of the differential treatment by the scriptwriters. He is the only character in the first generation that does not have a chapter of his own. SEE HOW GAY REPRESENTATION IN THE SERIES HAS EVOLVED.

Emily visits Naomi in the hospital

The seventh season of Skins —in which the characters are shown in a time jump— we also find one of the LGBT+ moments that we remember the most. We know Emily and Naomi didn’t have the best outcome. Even when effy (Kaya Scodelario) asks her to come visit her at the hospital, Emily says she’s still mad. It is in the second episode, “Fire”, when Emily says goodbye to Naomi before she passes away from cancer.

What other LGBT+ moments of Skins do you think they should be in this count?

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