“Single List” does not accept Silina’s proposal to create a coalition with ZZS and “Progress” / Article

Edgars Tavars, head of the “Single List” faction of the Seimas, admitted after a joint meeting of the board and the faction:

“The model proposed by Silina is not the most effective. We have our own, about which we will inform the president and candidates for prime minister tomorrow.”

On the other hand, Seimas Speaker Edwards Smiltens (Joint List) stressed that the formation of a government “with such risks is unacceptable, therefore this model is not the most optimal.”

The “Single List” wants another conversation with the candidate for prime minister Silina, during which she will also be informed about the offer of political power. On Wednesday morning, August 30, Silini will also have a meeting with President Edgars Rinkevics, where she will inform about the government formation process.

The Joint List will inform the general public about its proposal after it has been presented to officials.


The second government of former Prime Minister Krishjanis Kariñas (“New Unity”) fell after unsuccessful attempts to expand the coalition, including the opposition Union of Greens and Peasants (GZZU) and the Progressives, and without obtaining the consent of the current coalition partners – a meeting of ministers of the National Union and ” Joint List”, as well as a memorandum on a number of works to be completed by the end of the year.


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