Singer Kylie Minogue confesses that she fired her mother for not being ‘professional’


The singer Kylie Minogue has once again highlighted the importance that he attaches to the most absolute professionalism within the framework of his musical career.

So much so, that pop star has now revealed that he had to fire his own mother in a sudden way, who worked in the wardrobe department from her early tours, for not being fast enough when carrying out its work.

The australian diva has explained that her mother, Carol jones, was in charge together with other stylists of help him change his outfit in those very brief periods of time in which the interpreter disappeared from the stage.

It is about a few small stops that the own Kylie He wanted to compare with the passage of Formula One cars through the boxes of his teams, which forces the mechanics to carry out their work in a matter of seconds.

“At a certain point in the concert, you have to do a very quick change of clothes: it’s like a pit stop for Formula 1 cars. Every second counts, there is no time to lose,” revealed the famous artist as she passed through the Jonathan Ross show, which is broadcast weekly in the British chain ITV.

After realizing that her mother was unable to keep up with such a hectic pace of work, Kylie he did not hesitate too much to dispense with his services.

“It got to such a point that I thought: ‘Come on, we have to get her out of here. ‘ And I said, ‘Mom, I can’t waste five seconds, get out!’. I think my mother I didn’t even get money for it. Perhaps she would have ended up earning a salary if she hadn’t fired her, ”she said with a laugh but exhibiting a little bit of regret.

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