Since nobody wants him in Mexico, the club that Hugo Sánchez would direct would have Suárez as a reinforcement

The club that Hugo would lead and sign Suárez
The club that Hugo would lead and sign Suárez

It’s not a joke, there is an investor who would risk bringing this duo together. Is that Hugo Sanchez He hasn’t had a team for a long time, they don’t value him in Mexico and that’s why he hasn’t managed a professional club in the league again.

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But now, an institution would unexpectedly consider bringing together both Hugo Sánchez as coach and Luis Suárez as a scorer and as a star reinforcement for the following season of soccer. Ecuador.

According to the TNT Argentina report, the candidate for the presidency of EmelecJosé Aguad, offered to hire Luis Suárez and Hugo Sánchez to be two of the media magnets of this team, which fights Copa Libertadores.

What does Hugo Sánchez say about directing in Ecuador?

According to the journalist René Tovar of ESPN, Hugo Sánchez is analyzing the sports project and he would like to direct Emelec, which is the second most successful team at the national level in Ecuador and would have an important economic contribution from this businessman.

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