Sideburns in short women’s hair: how do they look good?

Coco Chanel once said that “a woman that is cut hairis about to change his life”. And he was right because he completely transforms our face. Instead, before taking the step, you should consult with your Barber to advise you and you can show off one precious mane.

If your idea is to make a radical change and go from a long hair to a short one or you have it to the ‘garcon’, we show you one of the trends of the moment in terms of hair refers to: the female sideburns. Also, we tell you how they look good and what type of faces they favor the most.

And is that short hair does not understand genresWell, it looks great on everyone. Furthermore, at the time summeryabove all, it is perfect to spend less heat. To those who most favors are at young women and those who have the long face, as it creates a visual effect of shortening and they appear to be oval in shape. It also suits those with fine hair or a small amount better.

Cut ‘pixie’ or how to wear sideburns in short hair for women

When we think of short haircuts for womenThe first that comes to mind is the ‘pixies’. Since Audrey Hepburn take it, many ‘celebrities‘ have imitated this style. I mean, it never goes out of style. Among them we find Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway either Cara Delevingneamong other.

It is a cut that consists of wearing the hair shorter at the nape and at the temples and a little longer at the top to create volume. But the ‘pixie’ evolves and you can also take it to the eighties style What Ursula Corbero. Not long ago the actress ‘The Money Heist’ her hair was longer at the nape and shorter on the sides, but with the long sideburns and volume on top of the head. I used to wear this hairstyle with wet effectincluding pins.

Nathy Peluso is another of the international celebrities who opted for a mullet cut. The Argentine singer gave her hair a 360 degree turn when she changed her Long hair for short hair. In her outfits, sideburns they always stand out because they are left long and sometimes even combed shell-shaped.

Boyish cut or how to wear sideburns in short women’s hair

According to hairdressing experts, this cut feel great to all women. Although it was popularized in the 1920s, it is in fashion every season. The ‘boyish’ it’s a asymmetric cut why the hair on the back of the neck is cut v-shapedwhile the one at the top is much longer.

A century later we found more disheveled and with longer sideburns. Instead, the actress RubyRose she chooses to keep them to a minimum and highlight her bangs more.

Mini ‘bob’ cut or how to wear sideburns in women’s short hair

Michelle Jenner joined the haircut mini ‘bob’ and it looks amazing on you. His style is not the classic bobbut it is staggered and her bangs are long and disheveled.

As for his sideburnsare quite thick and they are combed in Round shape, but with a pointed finish. It’s a haircut that will look great on you at 30, 40 or 50, no matter your age.

Tips for caring for short hair and sideburns

Each hair type needs a specific care and, in this case, the short hair is usually more exposed to external damage. That’s why it’s important to use products that protect you from sunas well as trying to cover them with scarves either hats during the months of summer and, above all, when we are tanning. In this sense, experts recommend washing it frequently and use less conditionerbecause the natural oil present in the scalp it spreads easier because there is less of it.

On the other hand, you have to include the sideburns in this cleaning routine and achieve keep them hydrated. Wash them with the shampoo you use regularly and rinse them with warm water, as this will prevent your skin from becoming irritated.

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