Shoulder exercises for people between 60 and 80 years old

From the age of 60, around 60 to 70% of people experience wear and tear on their joints. The most common pathologies are osteoarthritis, which consists of a degeneration of cartilage, and arthritis, which is an inflammation that affects the synovial membrane, which lines the inside of the joints.

One of the areas that can cause problems is the shoulder, because it is a joint that we use on a regular basis and when it suffers from any pathology it can significantly affect a person’s quality of life.

The shoulder has three main bones: the humerus, the clavicle and the scapula, two joints: the acromioclavicular, which is located between the highest part of the shoulder blade and the clavicle, and the glenohumeral and rotator cuff joint, formed by four tendons that connect the muscles with the bones and that allow ample movement. That is why it is important to do exercises that promote the movement of all of them.

Isometric push-up exercises

isometric exercise

isometric exercise

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Isometric exercises are those that are performed using the strength of the body itself and without the need for any device. Also, there is no need to move from the site. In the case of the shoulders, they can be done by bending the elbow, sitting in a chair. They are placed perpendicular to the body and bend forward touching the shoulders with the fingers. Ten repetitions can be done by activating the strength in the shoulders.

supine shoulder extension

Another gentle but effective exercise is the supine (face down) shoulder extension. It consists of lying on a comfortable surface and raising your arm and lowering it gently. Ten repetitions can be done with each arm, with a small dumbbell or directly without it, but without making sudden movements.

elbow extension

Standing up, with the legs open at the height of the hips and the back straight, the arms are thrown back, placing them perpendicularly in front of the back. Once the position is reached, the elbows can be bent forward, either both at the same time or alternately. Depending on the state of the joints, dumbbells can be used or without any added weight.

treadmill exercise

treadmill exercise

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movement with tape

Taking an elastic strap, standing with your legs open at hip height and bringing your hands closer to each other so as not to leave much space between one and the other, raise your arms up and lower them. At the same time, force is exerted to separate the arms by pulling the tape outwards.

shoulder circumference

The rotator cuff of the shoulder allows it to be moved in a wide circular path. A good exercise is to repeat this movement several times alternately or with both arms at the same time without making any sudden movements, because at this age there may be some type of injury and this exercise can aggravate it.

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