Short term investors in trouble! Renowned economist warns: recession is not permanent

The decline continues after the decision on the interest rate, which is on the agenda of investors. After the decision on the interest rate, taken by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), there were statements by experts. Short-term investors have blown their lives after the announcements that investors have been eagerly awaiting.


The interest rate hike announced by the Central Bank was announced at the level of 750 basis points. Although the historical record was signed by an increase in interest rates, interest rates rose to 25 percent.

As a result of the decision, the sudden decline in the value of a gram of gold and the exchange rate shocked the investor. Although there was a rapid decline, it stagnated by the weekend. After the fall of the gold rate as a safe harbor, the first statements of the expert were made.


The well-known economist Hatice Kolchak made a splash in the hearts of investors with her statements. Noting that the decline in gram prices is not permanent, he delivered good news to long-term investors. He said that after the fall of a gram of gold to the level of 1,500 Turkish liras, there were strong signals for the Fed to raise the interest rate.

After these signals, he gave a recommendation for gram gold, which rose to the level of 1654, and turned to a gram gold investor. The decline is expected to affect short-term investors.


A well-known gram-advising economist has said that every dip is a buying opportunity. Hatice Kolchak, who made statements about market activity, “Gold price fluctuations do not affect the strategy of a long-term investor” He also urged investors to remain calm.

Giving investment advice at the right time, he also talked about fuel. Claiming that gold prices will be affected by changes in the cost of fuel, “Golden Gasoline” marked the start of the season.

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