Shipwreck in Miches ends in tragedy

Between the blue of the sky and the blue of its waters, the beach of Celedonio, in Miches, buried in the depths the hopes of about 40 people who braved the waves to start new lives in foreign lands.

Eight of the challengers lost more than just the ideal of a better future, they left their lives floating on the sea and consequently an emptiness in the hearts of those close to them, which adds to that of many other families who have also felt the pain that attacks. abruptly like waves in irregular season.

Precisely, it was the strong waves, due to the meteorological conditions, which mercilessly overturned the boat, as explained to Listín Diario by the provincial head of Civil Defense, Carlos de la Rosa.

Until Thursday afternoon, the search agencies had extracted from the water, in addition to the eight dead people, 23 survivors, the last being approximately 35 years old.

De la Rosa narrated that the rescue personnel went to the aforementioned beach before 6:00 in the morning and by then the sea had already been in charge of dragging some of the deceased to shore.

“When we arrived there were already some that the beach itself was taking out,” said the manager.

He also indicated that they immediately began to search the area and not far from the coast began to identify victims who were crying out for help.

“They themselves called the boys to help them,” said the manager, while detailing that those who recovered it alive presented fatigue and dehydration.

Hospital care
In that sense, at least six were transferred to the Municipal Hospital of Miches to receive medical attention.

According to a source consulted by this medium, five were women, identified as Ana de Jesús, 37 years old; Mercedes Cabrera, 25; as well as Denisse Ronaldo, Yahaira Hernández and Perla Martínez; the three of 24 years.

“All five were stable … They lasted about one or two hours receiving hydration,” explained the source.

Similarly, José Socorro Espinal, 23, was admitted, this one for more than four hours, after presenting second-degree burns and severe dehydration. “The burns could be from the gasoline in the yola. He was the only one who was like this ”, he highlighted.

In the last minute
According to one of the hypotheses that, until now, the authorities handle, the small boat that left Samaná deviated in the direction of Miches when it encountered bad weather. “That is the version that some of those we interviewed have given,” said de la Rosa.

The Civil Defense component also stated that two aquatic units were continuing the search for at least 10 other people since they estimate the boat had between 37 and 42 passengers. “We do not have an exact amount. You ask one and he says 37 and you ask another and he says 42, “he said. However, he stressed that the climatic conditions that maintain strong waves on the beach have made rescue work difficult, as well as the characteristics of the area, which, he said, reduces the chances of finding more survivors.

So far, the lifeless bodies of eight people have been recovered, six of whom were women and two men.

The survivors, with the exception of the one hospitalized for burns, were transferred by members of the Armed Forces to the capital, where they will continue with the investigation, according to information offered by uniformed officers from the Navy headquarters in Miches.

The province in charge of Civil Defense, Carlos de la Rosa reported that the investigation into those responsible for the illegal trip is already underway and that the captain of the boat, who was shipwrecked in the middle of a strong wave, has not yet been identified.

Travel by yola.
Illegal trips to Puerto Rico in fragile boats are common in this area and in others in the east and northeast region, many of which end in tragedy, with a balance of deaths and disappearances.

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