Shipping platforms to buy online and bring products from abroad: which one is best

Get products imported into Argentina It is increasingly complicated and even more difficult is being able to travel to acquire them abroad. Also, thinking about going through Ezeiza or Aeroparque and buying technology abroad or the free shop without taxes and paying in pesos to the official dollar sounds almost impossible.

In this context, the shipping platforms to buy online and bring products from abroad are a more than interesting option to take into account. But which ones are the most popular and – most importantly – really agree?

Shopping abroad with shipping to Argentina: tips and recommendations

There are two major systems for orders: one is called “door to door”, which depends exclusively on Correo Argentino. According to the latest regulation published, this includes purchases made abroad that do not exceed US$ 3,000 and that due to their kind and quantity do not presume commercial purpose.

The resolution establishes that the number and amount of tax-free purchases will be raised, from a single annual shipment of US$25, to 12 shipments of US$50 each in the same period. It will not be necessary to carry out the procedure through the AFIP website, nor to have a level 3 Fiscal Code to do so.

On the other hand, side “B” the system of small shipments and that is governed by the Courier system (that is, companies such as DHL or FedEx) operates with up to 3 units of the same product, up to five purchases per year, merchandise for personal and non-commercial use up to 50 kilos and a purchase limit of US$1,000 in the final amount.

Currently, in accordance with current regulations, you can bring goods from abroad purchased online without paying extra taxes. as long as they do not exceed $500 in goods.

If this limit is exceeded, the user must pay 50% of the excess. For example, if $900 is spent, the surplus is $400. If they apply 50% on said surplus, you will have to pay US$200 in taxes. It should be remembered that these limits are only once a month.

Likewise, the law exempts from payment a cell phone and a laptop or tabletconsidering them personal items, regardless of brand or price.

Next, the best shipping platforms to buy abroad and bring products to Argentina.


Grabr uses travelers to receive and bring orders.

Grabr uses travelers to receive and bring orders.

Grabr is a platform that allows you to buy abroad and receive these products in our country hand in hand with a traveler. Protects the buyer’s money until he confirms receipt of his order (only then is payment released to the traveler) so all transactions are completely secure.

All orders are posted on the Grabr website or app, so there is no physical exchange of moneyand there is also a built-in messaging system so both parties can contact each other directly within the app.

In addition, the service also allows access to offers and promotions in makeup, perfumes, drinks and chocolates from the Free Shop, among other things.

The Free Shop allows you to buy without taxes, with a discount, payment in pesos and prior reservation, and Argentine buyers can receive them through Grabr travelers. In addition, if you deliver the product with the purchase ticket, you can manage the refund of the Country Tax and recover 35% of the price.

From the app, a wide range of options can be selected. For example, MAC lipsticks that in Argentina are $6,800, with Grabr and using the 35% refund, it is $4,030, or Polo Ralph Lauren perfumes that in our country are $42,000 and with the platform you can save up to $21,850.

In addition, Biotherm or Clarins creams, even Toblerones, Skittles, whiskeys, Rayban, Armani or Michael Kors glasses and Go Pro or Smart watches.


He has a similar spirit to Grabr: he depends on travelers.

He has a similar spirit to Grabr: he depends on travelers.

With a Grabr-like spirit, those who want to buy products abroad have salesmen – known as “Sherpals” – on hand. For the preparation of the order, the best price or the most convenient delivery date must be recorded in the system.

At the time of starting the purchase, the user creates an order on the official Sherpals site, the purchase links of Amazon, Ebay or any store abroad. Multiple products can be ordered at the same time.

The order will immediately be available for Sherpals to bid on. They will bid to bring the order and thus earn extra money to finance your stay. For his part, the buyer receives all the offers and chooses the one that best suits his needs according to the fee, the delivery date (15, 30 or 45 days) and the place to meet.

When you accept an offer, the Sherpa takes care of paying for the order. The amount is received by whoever offers the service and keeps it as a guarantee, since the money remains in a bank account until the end of the operation.

Sherpals then notifies the traveler that their offer has been accepted and that they must actually purchase the product.

The delivery person buys the item with his own money. Once at the destination, the buyer is contacted and they meet to make the delivery official.

For his part, the buyer receives the product and verifies that it is correct and then marks it as delivered on our platform. Then our company processes the payment to the Sherpal. The payment consists of the reimbursement for the purchase of the product plus the reward agreed with the buyer.

It should be noted that Sherpa guarantees that the end-to-end operation is completed: the buyer knows that his money is protected until he receives the product and the salesperson knows that the product was paid and the money guaranteed.

Waiver Picks

Waiver Picks does not rely on the intermediation of a third party to complete the purchase.

Waiver Picks does not rely on the intermediation of a third party to complete the purchase.

The platform differs from the rest of the product delivery, in principle, because does not have the intermediation of a third party to complete the purchase: the same company is the one that takes the order and dispatches it door to door.

According to the conditions of service, Waiver Picks makes the purchase of the product at the official dollar value, imports it on behalf of the client and delivers it to their home address in 5 business days.

Another option offered is the direct purchase in the United States. Waiver has a warehouse in Miami where products purchased on Amazon can be sent, for example. In this case, they also import it on behalf of the client and deliver it to their home in the same period of time.

Before making the purchase, you must previously quote the product. The link of the publication is placed on the official Waiver Picks site, the price, its weight and the location where it will be delivered.

Once the value is known (including taxes) it will be necessary to press the “I’m interested” button for a company agent to make a contact and confirm the operation.


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