“She is no longer going to wake up,” Carmen Salinas has irreversible damage after a stroke

New details regarding the health of Carmen Salinas placeholder image come to light.

After suffering a stroke that keeps her in serious condition, Jorge Nieto, godson of the actress, 82 years old, said after evaluation by 3 different neurologists, it was concluded that Carmen will have irreparable damage and it is likely that she will no longer awaken from the coma.

Progress on your health is disappointing, since doctors agree that in the place where the effusion arose, in the stem, it is not an operable area.

“The specialists have told us that will no longer wake up. It is inoperable; where it was the affectation cannot be operated ”, explained.

“There were three neurologists who visited Carmen and they all agree that the spill caused irreversible damage. What they are telling us is that he will not wake up anymore, but we are waiting for a miracle, anything could happen, “Nieto told journalist Azucena Uresti on her radio program.

The godson said that Carmelita continues under medical surveillance and that the probe that was placed on him was full, which indicates that his organs are in perfect condition.

In addition, he maintained that the stroke was due to the hypertension that the famous woman has suffered for a long time due to the death of her son.

Faced with sad diagnoses, they only hope for a miracle: “Miracles exist, I am a man of faith, she is… We hope for a miracle. It is unpredictable to say a date when an improvement could be noticed. Your organs are working normally. She is breathing, ”he said.

Carmen Salinas was admitted to an emergency hospital in Mexico City, in Colonia Roma, on the night of November 11, after staff at her home found her fainted in the bathroom.

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