Share account on Netflix: increasingly difficult


The platform tests a method to verify illicit access

Netflix is ​​the main streaming platform in our country. Almost 60% of Spaniards have access, according to the study on pay television and OTT carried out by Barlovento Comunicación last October. But this percentage has a trick: the trick of sharing subscriptions with friends and family even when they live hundreds of kilometers away.

The latter is expressly prohibited in the rules of use of Netflix, who has spent years elucidating the best way to shield user accounts: “The Netflix service and all content viewed through the service is for your personal use and not marketable and may not be shared with individuals outside of your household.

Until now, those responsible for the platform have limited themselves to raising prices from time to time to compensate for all those impractical highs, something that is about to change. Since March of last year, but more frequently in recent weeks, some users are receiving requests from Netflix to verify their account with a code sent by email. In this way, if we share an account with our best friend and it was he who registered in the first place -he gave us access later-, we will need to request the password to enter our profile.

Verification message on Netflix: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need to be an owner of one to continue watching.”

This verification mechanism has been implemented in a limited way in the United States, Poland and Italy (as far as we know), so it would not take long to reach our country. The good news is that it is in the testing phase and, in fact, ‘affected’ users can bypass Netflix’s request with the push of a button.

Everything indicates that those responsible for the service are trying to scare subscribers, as a warning, without having yet made a firm decision. Be that as it may, the probability that millions of people will lose direct access to their viewing profiles seems increasingly real.

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