SENSITIVE IMAGES: The chilling wounds on the arm of a “Rust” worker after being bitten by a poisonous spider

After the accident in which Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins, some technicians continued working on the film; including the light operator, Jason Miller, who almost lost his arm after being bitten.

When everything seemed to have calmed down, “Rust” is in everyone’s eyes again, unfortunately due to a new tragedy in which a light operator was about to lose his arm when he was bitten by a highly poisonous spider and suffered an unexpected reaction. .

While Alec Baldwin had been removed from the set of “Rust” due to the accidental death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, a few people continued to work, including light operator Jason Miller.

During an interview with the specialized magazine TMZ, Miller recounted his unfortunate accident and explained that doctors had intervened in a timely manner to prevent his left arm from being amputated, despite having a severe reaction to the powerful venom of the arachnid.

Much of the skin and muscle on Miller’s arm had to be removed because he is a diabetic patient. Photo The Grosby Group

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According to testimony, Miller was taking apart part of the film’s set after the fatal accident in which Alec Baldwin killed Halyna.

The severe reaction in his arm occurred because the technician is diabetic, forcing doctors to remove much of the muscle and skin from the affected arm; Fortunately, the body has started to respond positively to medications, so there is no need for surgery.

The publication of the medium indicates that “Rust” must make financial compensation for what happened. Although the subject had been dodging, now Miller’s lawyers have taken action to get the film’s insurance company to enforce compensation for health problems.

Lawyers are already working on a lawsuit if Miller does not receive fair compensation. Photo The Grosby Group

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Miller took advantage of all the caring people who had donated to his GoFundMe account to help him pay for his hospital expenses.

Although Miller’s group of lawyers pointed out to TMZ that so far the negotiations have progressed in good shape, but they have a lawsuit prepared if the insurance company does not provide adequate compensation.

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