Senén Caba returns for improvement for doctors

Santo Domingo, RD.

Ten years after having held the presidency of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), Dr. Senén Caba, virtual president-elect of the union with 49% of the votes in his favor, assures that he arrives with all his energy to continue facing the inequities that affect the health system and improve the working conditions of its members.

Caba, who chaired the CMD during the 2009-2011 period, and already recovered from a delicate health condition caused by Covid-19 that made him fight hard for his life, says that his arrival again to preside over the union that affiliates 37,998 Doctors, it is a challenge and a challenge, because although the conditions are different, the problems persist.

Among his priorities at the head of the union are working in favor of academics to run medical residencies in hospitals in the interior; of unemployment that affects doctors, that there is an indexation of the annual salary according to inflation, dignify the lives of retired doctors, a more dignified and less exclusive security.

In an interview with Listín Diario, Caba said that a complex scenario awaits him with social security directed by the financial sector, with great social exclusion; with a government that hears more, but does less to supply hospitals; with a primary care that does not start and with a huge number of unemployed doctors.

“It is true that I am more mature, I have gone through a difficult trance to fight for my life because of Covid-19, but that has not at all extinguished my beliefs that only the struggle of the people through their organizations is the padlock that opens the keys to conquests, in a scenario where dialogue is not given the prominence it deserves, “he said.

A different scenario

Although he will assume the functions of president next month, Dr. Caba knows very well that he does so in a different scenario than in 2009, when he first came to lead the union.

Remember that at that time the CMD was in a fratricidal fight against the government of Dr. Leonel Fernández “we had suffered many abuses and humiliations from the government, I had been canceled by the then secretary Bautista Rojas, Waldo had been beaten, mistreated, we had been imprisoned several times ”.

He adds that not now, that his return to the union occurs at a time of détente with a president like Waldo Ariel Suero who concludes his management at the head of the union very proliferates, with conquest at all levels.

With 30% of the votes computed as a result of the elections held by the CMD this Wednesday, Dr. Caba has 49% of the votes cast in his favor, followed by Dr. Yuberkis Aquino, with 22%; Luis Peña Núñez, with 18% and Amarilis Herrera, with 11%, for which the Electoral Commission has declared him the virtual winner.

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