Senator Mark-Philip Dobress charged with misappropriation of interests

“In this case, Mr. Dobres did not deceive either with the law, or with morality, or with his conscience,” the lawyer of the senator of the Republic of Lithuania assures.



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As part of the municipal elections, Marc-Philippe Dobres attends a public debate at the Sciences Po building in Lille on February 25, 2020.  (FRANCOIS LO PREST/AFP)

Senator Marc-Philippe Dobress, a candidate for re-election in September, was charged several months ago with illegally taking interest in an investigation into a 2017 government contract, various parties told AFP on Tuesday, August 28, confirming information from Voice of the North. The investigation concerns a government legal services contract signed by elected Republicans in 2017 when he was mayor of Lambersart (North).

He hired several law firms, including the firm of one of his acquaintances, Francis Deffrenn, with whom he then teamed up to prepare for a possible retraining in the private sector in the event of a defeat in the Senate elections, the council of the elect, I, Emmanuel Riegler, told AFP. “When Mr. Deffrenn discussed these government contracts with Mr. Dobress” shortly after their union, the chosen one “immediately canceled the discussion and entered into a new state contract, excluding Mr. Deffrenn”Rigler explained to me, also explaining that their joint company was left on hold since Marc-Philippe Dobres won the election.

“Zero personal enrichment”

“There was no turnover, zero government contract, zero personal enrichment”– assured the lawyer. “In this case, Mr. Dobres did not deceive either with the law, or with morals, or with his conscience”– the lawyer also insisted in a press release sent by the senator. The statement recalled that the Lille prosecutor’s office ordered the first complaint of anti-corruption activist Eric Darques to be dismissed, who then filed a second complaint with a civil suit.

For Eric Dark, Mark-Philippe Dobres is definitely not “never changed the essay and never let this firm do anything”because he knew that a complaint would be filed, but the fact of unlawful receipt of interest nevertheless constituted the conclusion of a contract. According to him, the mayor’s decision on this market was made on September 5, 2017, and on September 12, he created a consulting firm, linking him to Francis Deffren.

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