Self-Collection ATMs Are at Risk of Disappearing in Mexico

Some self-service stores and businesses have implemented the use of self-collection ATMs, which have not been as successful in Mexico as was intended.

According to some reports, automated process ATMs have had an 11% increase in customer visits in Mexico, so it is speculated that this type of technology is just beginning to get underway in the country.

Walmart, Oxxo, Soriana, Chedraui, and others have begun to implement self-collection boxes in some of their branches, in order to streamline the customer payment process.

Amazon was in charge of opening its first physical store in 2018, where there were no boxes to pay thanks to the technology implemented by self-collection ATMs, which reflects the speed and efficient service among users.

A study found that 60% of shoppers consider lines to be the main problem when shopping at a convenience store, while businesses that have implemented this type of automation process report an 11% increase in visits from retailers. customers.

This indicates an increase in sales of the same percentage, compared to establishments that do not have this service in Mexico, which is why the cashiers are becoming more and more successful.

The evolution that technology has had throughout history is quite surprising and now when paying for your purchases everything has changed relatively, since there are already applications in which you buy and pay online, guaranteeing greater speed to gain the opportunity to purchase. purchase.

Raúl Quintana Senior Vice President of Bodega Aurrerá has indicated the ability to install self-collection boxes, which allow him to improve the customer experience.

Undoubtedly, these stores are the most favored with this fast-payment ATM, since they have a greater influx of customers than others, so implementing them at 100% would be easy when paying.

In addition, there is a tendency for new generations to learn this form of payment faster and more easily, so it does not generate any problem for anyone and between the different types of clients this process is balanced, thus achieving a more pleasant experience for when visiting this type of business.

It is worth mentioning that this means of collection has caused the services to be not only self-service but also personalized since the customer is in charge of making their purchase from start to finish.

It is expected that in Mexico this procedure is here to stay and there is no risk of removing self-collection ATMs from businesses and supermarkets due to lack of use or apathy by customers.

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