Selena Gomez reminds us of the importance of having sincere friends in our dark moments

The singer, actress and businesswoman Selena Gomez has become a trend due to the documentary that she premiered for the Apple TV platform.

It documents six years of his life, the way he had to deal with lupus, bipolarity and depression.

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The public calls it a letter from the heart that encourages open conversations about the importance of mental well-being, Gomez was vulnerable, sincere and exposed the darkest corners of her depression.

Friendship, the engine of Selena Gomez

It is impossible not to emphasize the importance of the celebrity support network. Producers, friends and family have watched over his health and have given him the security he requires.

Fans do not stop applauding the fortune she has not having faced her diagnoses alone. Despite this, there were some friendships that did not convince all users.

However, fans emphasize and ask that Gomez’s message not be distorted. She has been very direct about the relevance of this project for her.

For an interview with Vogue, on November 1, 2022, he confessed his intentions with ‘Mi mente y yo’:

Several people have failed the famous

It is no secret that many within the show business have had not so sincere or positive actions towards the 30-year-old.

Of course, Selena does not focus on those who have hurt her; she directs her interviews and documentary to introspect the darkest moments in her life.

And although he admitted that it has been difficult for him to find sincere friendships within the union, he has never let go of Taylor Swift. This is what he said in the interview on November 3, 2022 for the magazine ‘The Rolling Stones’:

Friendship can be a lifesaver

This is a reminder of the relevance of support networks in our lives. People who love you, contribute to your life and watch over your well-being can be the ‘medicine’ that your heart requires.

As Selena has shown, it is better to be with those with whom you can be you, do not feel less or more and can guide you when you lose your way.

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