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UNITED STATES.- Selena Gomez is one of the Disney stars who achieved worldwide fame thanks to her artistic talent, despite the controversies that came to be wrapped around his love life.

Currently, the interpreter of “My girls” published on her Instagram account the promotional trailer for the fourth season of her HBO Max cooking show, which brings many surprises for viewers.

However, the actress surprised her fans because in the recording you could see the luxurious house where the well-known television series ‘Hanna Montana’ was filmed at the time.

In the previous seasons Selena Gómez was recording the program at her home in Los Angeles, but this time she decided to travel with her family and friends to spend a few days in Malibu.

Although one might think that the artist could have come to “any” house, the reality is that it was the residence where Miley Cyrus He recorded for years for said program previously, as confirmed by People magazine.

The renowned house has seven rooms and eight years, in other times it would have appeared in HBO’s Big Little Lies as the home of Reese Witherspoon, Madeline Martha Mackenzie.

Photography of YouTube channel Malu Gabriella

Many of the artist’s fans remembered the connection between Hanna Montana and Selena Gomez because at the time had a role in 2007 when the artist appeared on the show as an artist named MikaYthewho constantly fought with Hanna Montana.

Selena Gomez shows off her curvaceous figure

A few days ago the singer would have received endless criticism for showing her new curvaceous figure, because users were “used” to seeing her slender figure, they even called her “fat”.

For your part Selena Gomez He tried to take things very lightly and what he did to respond to the accusations was to appear in a bathing suit showing his figure.

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