SeeU in her own Pokemon Scarlet and Purple e-Nigma cosplay

The cosplayer community has a large number of Models Y artists talented people who show their love for their favorite series, movies and video games, among which we can highlight Pokemonone of the most profitable franchises worldwide and that has earned the love of millions around the world.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this affection can be seen reflected in the realization of amazing characterizations, as is the case of a charming cosplay dedicated to the female character of enigmawhich joins the world of Pokémon with the arrival of the video game of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and that manages to perfectly recreate the gym leader.

Best of all, this cosplay was made by the beautiful model, SeeUbetter known as seeuxiaorouwho has decided to characterize herself as the beloved character of e-Nigma and show her fans what her own version would look like in real life, we are sure that more than one was amazed at first sight with seeing this gym leader from Ciudad Leudal .

Pokémon continues to be a very popular series among cosplayers, despite the fact that the human characters are generally less charismatic than the creatures, some trainers have already become part of the popular cultureas evidenced by this characterization of e-Nigma, played by SeeU.

The model in question takes up the striking style of the character with her full outfit. The Leudal City Gym Leader has appeared in the Paldea adventures of all Pokémon Trainers who delved into the Nintendo Switch versions of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple.

SeeU made a version resolutely identical to its virtual counterpart, the bright and cheerful spirit of the character remains unchanged, so it could be a well-recreated version that could appear at some point in the series, taking into account that the franchise goes on for a long time. .

The electric-type Pokémon specialist trainer is represented here with her characteristic outfit, reproduced very faithfully to her original version, for which SeeU has paid great attention to detail, the fans did not wait, and she has quickly achieved more than 29 thousand “Likes” in his publication of instagram.

e-Nigma is a young girl with fair skin, pink eyes, triangular teeth, long blue and pink hair with a bow on her forehead, two long pigtails tied at the bottom, and wears distinctive Magnemite-shaped accessories.

His clothing consists of a yellow and black jacket with black ribbon edges that completely covers his arms and the logo of his Khé-Nigma TV program is printed on the lower part, he wears a long stocking on his right leg of the same color as her shoes and a black ribbon on her left leg. Under her jacket she wears a white blouse that reveals her shoulders.

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