Security Council: fight against crime and LGBTI violence. – Bogota

The mayor of Bogotá Claudia López made strong and forceful announcements at the Security Council held today. In this, the criminal balance, the number of captured, prosecuted and released were reviewed.

Results were also given on the information system of crimes and violence against LGBTQI people and the results of the follow-up of the robbery reduction plan in Bogotá were shown.

The president accepted that the crime of robbery does not cease due in large part to the lack of force. “In Bogotá, a minimum of 23,000 police officers are needed, but there are only 17,000.” Regarding this issue, he said that in December 1,500 more police officers arrived in the capital to support security at this time of year.

He gave strong statements about the 8,040 registered cases of theft and robbery in Bogotá, but added that only a little more than 700 were left with house arrest, that is, 10 percent.

Regarding the fight against multi-crime gangs, he said that 40 important cases for the security of the capital were resolved. “Dear judges and prosecutors, if it does not seem serious to us to protect the bag, the backpack, the talk, the integrity of a woman, we will continue to weaken. Citizens think it is serious.”

Of a robbery that occurred in Monserrate, he said that three people were captured: alias mouse, mongolian and tutula who had already robbed and robbed. They were recurring and had been set free. “This is not theory. It happens every day. They had a history of robbery, personal injury and theft”, said the president.

López also referred to the case of abuse of a 17-year-old woman in TransMilenio. She said that the aggressor is being followed up and apologized to the victim for the re-victimization that she had when she wanted to file a complaint with an Immediate Reaction Unit (URI).


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