Season 2 of Grace arrives on Movistar+ on July 15

british actor john sim (‘doctor who‘, ‘Life on Mars‘) returns as the tenacious Sheriff Grace in this season of this addictive and unexpected series. season 2 of Grace the premiere July 15 from 2022 on Movistar Plus+.

Season 2 of Grace arrives on Movistar+

season 2 of Grace adapts three novels from Peter James, ‘Almost dead’, ‘The footprints of the dead man’ and ‘Death dealers’. His books have been translated into 37 languages ​​and have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

british actor john sim (‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Life on Mars’) returns as tenacious Commissioner Grace in this second season, adapting three new novels by writer Peter James. Months after his last investigation and with the team trying to recover from the fallout, Roy Grace grapples with new cases as he tries to come to terms with the tragic disappearance of his wife.

Richie Campbell Y rakie ayola they reprise their roles as Sergeant Glenn Branson and Deputy Police Chief Alison Vosper respectively. The actress Zoe Tapper joins the cast as Cleo Morey, a coroner who will work and have a relationship with Grace.

grace season 2

Data sheet

Original title: Grace
Year: 2021
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Direction: Julia Ford, John Alexander
Script: Russell Lewis. Novel: Peter James
Music: Matthew Slater
Photography: Dale McCready, Stijn Van der Veken

Distribution: John Simm, Richie Campbell, Rakie Ayola, Laura Elphinstone, Amaka Okafor, Brad Morrison, Adrian Rawlins, William Andrews, Silas Carson, Alexander Cobb, Tom Weston-Jones, Alisha Bailey, Matt Wakeford, Christina Chong, Matt Stokoe, Amit Shah, Craig Parkinson, Rupert Holliday-Evans, James Tarpey, Kristy Philipps, Cian Binchy, Catherine Bailey, Michael Xavier, Maggie O’Neill, Mitchell Hunt, Alex Price, Cassie Clare, Owen Roberts, Sidney Kean, Sally Edwards, Vinny Dhillon, Natasha Joseph, Henry Miller, Tim Treloar, Callum Coates, Steven Elder, Darren Tighe, Rebecca Scroggs, Diarmaid Murtagh, Boo Golding, Lauren O’Neil, Nicholas Khan, Katie Brayben, James Barriscale, Steven Hartley, Katie Clarkson-Hill, Chris Wilson , Jessye Romeo, Amber Elizabeth, Karl Farrer
Producer: Second Act Productions, Tall Story Pictures, Vaudeville Productions. Distributor: Independent Television (ITV)
Gender: Drama. Intrigue




Almost dead‘, ‘footprints of the dead man‘ Y ‘death dealers‘ are the three stories that this second season adapts in three amazing episodes of 90 minutes each.

the novels of Peter James They have been translated into 37 languages ​​and have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Episode 1 – ‘Almost Dead’

When a well-known and wealthy socialite is found dead in her Brighton home, Sheriff Grace and his team must pick themselves up after the dire consequences of a previous case and work hard to find the culprit.

Episode 2 – ‘Dead Man’s Footprints’

A sinister investigation into skeletal remains found in a forgotten Brighton storm drain leads Grace on a labyrinthine path through the past.

Episode 3 – ‘Death Dealers’

When a body is pulled from the seabed of the English Channel, a truly disturbing investigation is set in motion, forcing Grace to wonder how far someone will go to save their loved ones.

premiere on friday July 15 at 10:00 p.m. at #0 on Movistar Plus+ (dial 7). Every Friday, a new episode. Also available in the Movistar Plus+ on-demand service.

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