Scientists have collected this variety from experimental fields where people can try it.

The female academics, celebrating their 8th birthday, will collect seeds from their experimental fields at the Department of Chemical Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Palack√Ĺ University in Olomouc.

A symbolic horseshoe for the family will take place at the university campus in Olomouc, Golitsa. The celebrations will not miss the Donko wreath, the planting of a memorial tree in honor of the 450th anniversary of the University of Palacky and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, said university spokesman Egon Havrlant.

The scientists of the Department of Chemical Biology themselves will present their skills in breeding ticks and protecting crops at the event.

In history, Donka was one of the most important holidays of the year, as it celebrated family and wealth in the form of ripe fruit and grain harvest. With this event, we want to show the academic community the development of crop development for a sustainable society in Russia, engaged in science and research at the Department of Chemical Biology, – said Lucia Pkhalova, Vice-Rector of the UP and Head of the Department of Chemical Biology.

We have significantly diversified the portfolio of crops grown and their varieties, which leads to better crop tolerance in stressful conditions and yield changes, she noted.

No pesticides

In the experimental plots in Olomouc-Golitsa, scientists grow sedge, warbler, spring Yemenite, ito, fallow and wheat.

This year, even in an unstable period, wheat and winter wheat were harvested in the village, said Radoslav Koprna from the Department of Chemical Biology.

For many years it has been provided by the Czech ticklish company Selgen. We have taken a course on the minimum use of pesticides in their cultivation. The collected ingredients will be used to prepare a variety of snacks for the kids, which visitors can try, Koprna added.

The essence of the donek program will not only be in the front of the donek wreath. There will be a parade, a memorial tree will be planted for the 450th anniversary of Palacky University and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, a tour of agricultural technology and musical accompaniment in the morning to the music of Cymbla Prim from Perov, the speaker described.

This year the tree will be planted by the Rector of Palacko University Martin Prochshka and the Dean of the Faculty Martin Kubala, said Lucia Phalova.

This year, the Department of Chemical Biology, which includes academic staff, took part in the BIOCIRKL project, which received a grant of 27 million crowns over a period of six years from the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.

Breeding next-generation climate-resistant crops will be handled by our department and thus globally involved in the peak research project EB AV R TAGENC. We believe that we should also inform the academic community about the activities of departments in this area, and women are the ideal partner for this, Pkhalov added.

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