Schedule of international flights of Cubana de Aviación in November

The month of November has marked an opening for Cuba to tourism that has brought with it the increase in numerous flights and the increase in routes of various airlines. Despite all the shortcomings and the current low availability of aircraft, the only national company, Cubana de Aviación, has wanted to reactivate some of its flights.

For the current month, the Cuban airline, which connects the “José Martí” International Airport in Havana, with the “Adolfo Suárez-Barajas” International Airport in Madrid, Spain, will have a weekly frequency, operated by the Ilyushin96 ship. – 300, with 249 seats. All this according to the official page of Cubana de Aviación.

From Havana to Madrid it would leave on Monday or Tuesday, with two departures on November 22. The first at 16:15 and the second at 5:30. The difference is that the first flight would depart from Terminal 3 of “José Martí” and the second from Terminal 1. It would depart again on Tuesday, November 30, at 10:45 at night.

While from the Spanish capital to the Cuban one, it would fly on Tuesdays, starting next November 16, leaving Barajas at 1:15 in the afternoon and arriving around 9 at night, local time.


In its social networks, the Cuban company has confirmed its return to the Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires as of November 20, with a return to Havana agreed for the 22 of that same month. I would not return to Argentina until December.

“It is flying to Madrid and Argentina will start on November 22,” they said from Telegram at the end of October. “On the 20th only to Argentina and returns on the 22nd,” they again rectified this week, on Thursday, November 11.

Other destinations? Of the most asked are the connections with Venezuela. Cubana de Aviación says “not yet”, but as soon as it is scheduled, it will be informed in due course. “For now we do not have aircraft availability to fly to Venezuela,” they say.

This week they also clarified that they will not be flying to the Dominican Republic, nor do they have flights to Guyana. The other thing they took up was a national connection between Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In summary at the international level, for the month of November, the Cubana de Aviación company will only connect with Spain and Argentina.


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