Scenes of returning households without Marion Game: what the production decided even before she disappeared


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The creators of Scene of the Menage chose Patrick Prejean to play Jackie, a retired cop and old friend of Raymond, played by Gerard Hernadez. On TV 7 Days this Monday, August 28, 2023, the actor talked about his role in a series planned to be staged long before Marion Game disappeared!

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fans Scenes of everyday life waiting! After weeks of waiting, they will finally be able to discover the first drafts of the new season of the saga this Monday, August 28, on Channel 6. A rather special return to the screen as the episodes were filmed without Marion Game’s alias, Huguette, who breathed her last last March. Viewers are sure to rue the verbal skirmishes and petty teasing that her character constantly exchanged with Raymond, her fictional husband played by Gerard Hernandez.

Marked by the death of his faithful partner, the latter, not without difficulty, resumed filming. And if the actor filmed some scenes alone, he will also entertain the gallery with Patrick Prejean, who lends his features to Jackie, an ex-cop who knows Raymond all too well. So our colleagues from TV 7 days went to meet him to ask him about this colorful new role. An opportunity for him to reveal that the producers were already planning to integrate the humorous granule long before Marion Game’s death. “Initially, when I was contacted, Marion was recovering and everyone believed that she was returning.“, – confirmed the comedian. And in conclusion:”So I was the character that came into the couple’s life..”

Like his other colleagues, Patrick Préjean fell from above when he learned of the disappearance of Virnia Ledier’s mother. “This disaster happened. But I won’t replace Marion, that’s another story“, Patrick Préjean told the weekly. A necessary clarification in his eyes! An opportunity for him to say more about Jackie’s character traits, who will definitely hit the mark after lovers of fiction: “He’s a nice guy, a bit of a brute who puts his feet in the dish and on whom Raymond makes fun of him with great affection.“.

She stays with us

The iconic face of the show, Marion Game, will also be entitled to a beautiful tribute, according to a rare confession from Khaled Amara, the series’ art producer. Scenes of life. Indeed, the showrunners wanted”wink at him when the next bonus appears“he slipped on TV star August 24, without saying more, but specifying: “Somewhere she stays with us (…).”

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