Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman reveal beauty in photos

The beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson showed off like never before seen with her friend, the famous Natalie Portmanboth wearing coquettish outfits that highlighted their beauty, this iconic moment would be captured and would turn all social networks around, giving them something to talk about, especially leaving their fans more than surprised and delighted.

These two beautiful ladies have a lot in common, more than you think, because they both ventured into the world of cinema when they were small and tender girls, little by little, just as thanks to their talent they made their way into the industry. until acquiring roles that have definitely catapulted them to fame.

However, Scarlett Johansson Y Natalie Portman they are great friends, they have appeared in some movies together, they have also met on many red carpets of the different awards, so they have many photographs in common where it seems that it is always a pleasure to see each other, because the smile does not leave the faces Of the renowned actresses, on the other hand, no image is the same as the next one that we are about to show you.

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In 2008, the interpreter of “Black Widow” and that of the “Black Swan“They worked on their first movie together called”The Other Boleyn Girl” starring the two actresses, a film typecast in the drama genre, the direction was left to justin chadwickbeing an adaptation to the novel that is under the same name written by Philippa Gregory.

The setting of the film was in the viceroyalties, that is why the two famous ones wore long dresses, with princess colors, looking more than beautiful and seizing the hearts of the fans who enjoyed the film, however a photo would appear where Scarlett Johansson She wore a short dress accompanied by flirty fishnet stockings, black heels and a bow adorning her neck.

For its part, Natalie Portmanshowed off her legs in a short dress, some gloves on her wrists and the same bow around her neck as her co-star, dressed flirty, daring and like never seen before, this photograph would be remembered by the fan club of the actress from 37 years old.

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