Scandal in Colombia: 16 clubs are investigated for ‘enslaving’ their players; a Honduran was a victim – Ten

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) announced that he filed charges against the Colombian Soccer Major Division (Dimayor) and 16 teams from the two main divisions “for alleged anti-competitive acts that would have prevented the transaction of at least 16 players between 2018 and 2021,” the entity said on Twitter.

Among those involved there are first division clubs such as the current champion, Sports Tolima; La Equidad, Deportivo Pasto, Envigado, Once Caldas, Deportes Quindío and Alianza Petrolera.

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The SIC it could impose fines and administrative sanctions, but it does not rule out that the Prosecutor’s Office may intervene in the course of the investigations. The SIC It also found that footballers would be forced to work with a small group of agents who would have a direct link with the teams.

As explained by the head of that body, Andres Barreto, the clubs would have created a “black list” so that players who asked to renegotiate or terminate their contracts could not sign with another institution.

“If the players want to negotiate the contract, they are vetoed to go find another team,” he told Caracol Noticias. And “if they decide that they want to end it for a just cause, let’s say they remain hostages of the club until they release their sports rights,” he added.

– Case of Honduran Roger Rojas –

The catracho striker who now plays for him Cartigines Costa Rica experienced firsthand the judicial reports against these Colombian clubs, because when the ‘Ro-Ro’ was active in the coffee country it suffered one of the aforementioned cases.

Roger could only play seven games in 2020 with him Sports Tolima, one of the 16 teams involved in this scandal, as it was set aside in August until December when it was revealed that he had ingested drugs that could harm his health; rumors said that he would not play football again, which he denied.

Colombian communicators detailed that the formerOlympia He ingested a supplement that produced excess potassium, this supposedly without the endorsement of the club’s medical body and without any ill intention, although he confessed Roger in August to FUTV, the Tolima He excluded him for five months in an unfair way until his contract ended in December, as they told him that he was not in optimal conditions to play, marginalizing him until his departure.

– Roger’s confession about his passage in Tolima –

“Tolima suddenly did not treat me as they should because I had a contract in which they did not comply, and when they saw the situation of the pandemic they wanted to take advantage, not because I was Honduran, I hope that I hope it is not that, but they did want to take advantage like, ‘we don’t want you anymore, we want you to leave here.’

Well that’s fine, there is no problem, when you feel that they don’t want you, you leave, so I felt a bit of contempt from them. I said: ‘well, it’s okay, President, if you don’t want me to continue, I agree, but I have a family, my wife is pregnant, that is, I agree, I want to go too, but pay me what is in the contract, if not, I won’t move ‘, that’s where I started to experience difficult moments.

Roger Rojas could barely play seven games in Colombia where he could not score a goal.It was hard. They asked me not to go to training, they told me ‘you can’t go to the headquarters’, and I asked them -‘ why? If I have a contract, why do they do this to me? ‘ -. If I stayed idly at home doing nothing, the one who lost was me, it was from August to December, five months, imagine what I’m saying. I did not want to give interviews or anything because I still have legal issues with the club, there is still that problem that I trust will be resolved because I am a very honest person and I am only claiming what it is, “he concluded.

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