Santiago Solari receives a hard attack in Club América by his worst enemy in Liga MX

Club América’s performance in the goalless draw against Pumas generated a wave of criticism from fans and Santiago Solari was targeted by his main enemy in Liga MX.

Santiago Solari’s defensive strategies in Club América’s goalless draw during his visit to Pumas UNAM generated a wave of criticism from fans and members of the press in Liga MX where one of his main detractors is found. .

The former Real Madrid coach suffered last season from the tactics used last season when he was eliminated from the quarterfinals of Guard1anes 2021 against Pachuca.

Now, when trying to have a conservative strategy to define the pass to the semifinal of the 2021 Apertura Tournament at the Azteca Stadium, he generated a mass of criticism, especially from David Faitelson, a journalist for ESPN.

“I’m up to the ‘sh * t’ of those who say that ‘the end justifies the means’ or that it’s about ‘playing smart’. Soccer is a show. People go to the stadium and turn on the television for fun and excitement. What we saw last night was a mess, “the 53-year-old journalist wrote through his Twitter profile.

In addition, once the match was over, Faitelson had been even more blunt: “Solari and América may end up being champions, but the style of play that has permeated the club is far from its history and category. America played last night at the Olympic University as a “small team”.

In any case, at a press conference, Santiago Solari was confident that he will be able to use the maximum of his abilities in the return match against Pumas in which they will define the ticket to the semifinals at the Azteca Stadium.

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