Santiago Solari hurt, disappointed and responsible for the elimination of America, but does not plan to resign

Solari argues that in the general evaluation America was the best, although he distributes blame for falling in the league again, but he does not plan to leave his position

America he was eliminated in the two quarter-final heats he has faced under the orders of Santiago Solari and lost the final of the Concacaf Champions League, despite these results, the Argentine coach assured that he has not thought about leaving his position, this after losing the tie against Cougars by score of 3-1.

“No, we always do a general evaluation (on whether you consider quitting). I understand that the tournament is like that and it is exciting, but we must not lose sight of the global, the work of the club and the group of players. I understand that we are all disappointed and hurt, but I understand that we were the team that scored the most points in the entire year. This is the format and we must improve in this instance ”, he declared.

In a press conference, he assured that everyone within the team has their percentage of fault, but made it clear that they will work to analyze the reasons why they cannot maintain the regularity of the regular tournament in the League.

“We are all responsible, each in our measure. When things do not want to work and the same happens when they do work. It is a moment of pain, of self-criticism, of looking at each other and seeing how we can all be better next year at this stage of the tournament ”, he added.

The Argentine said that he feels sorry for the Eagles fans, who hoped to advance against one of their main rivals.

“I am sorry that no one has the opportunity to see her at the VAR to interpret her, but beyond that, we are very hurt, we are very sorry for the result. It is painful for the fans and for all of us. The group has made an enormous effort day after day and today we could not translate that effort ”, he declared.

“This is soccer, this is so, the tournament is like that too, it is a unique tournament and it has these two phases, one of regularity that is long that we do with a note and I want to emphasize that, then it has this phase that is a new tournament and everything is equalized. We are left to duty and we have to do self-criticism and analyze how we can do to be as good as we were all year in this other part, which is what the fans and we hope, “he concluded.

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