Santiago Solari admits that America was left to duty and will not resign

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With Santiago Solari in front, the America has been eliminated twice in the Quarterfinals and now, in this elimination against Cougars, stressed that the whole campus was left to owe, before pointing out that does not think to resign despite the result in Liguilla.

“This is soccer, this is like that, the tournament is like that too, it is a unique tournament and has these two phases, one of regularity that is long that we do with a note and that I want to emphasize, then there is this phase that is a new tournament and everything is equalized. We are left to duty and we have to do self-criticism and analyze how we can do to be as good as we were all year in this other part, which is what the fans and we expect, “he said at a press conference.

Solari was asked directly if he plans to resign after being eliminated for the second time against a team that entered thanks to the Repechage.

No, we always do a general evaluation. I understand that the tournament is like this and it is exciting, but we must not lose sight of the global, the work of the club and the group of players. I understand that we are all disappointed and hurt, but I understand that we were the team that scored the most points in the whole year. This is the format and we must improve in this instance ”.

El Indiecito called for self-criticism by the entire Americanista squad for the following season in which they will once again try to add the coveted title number 14.

“We are all responsible, each in our measure. When we don’t want things to work and the same happens when they do work. It is a moment of pain, to look at each other and see how we can do together to see how we can be better next year at this stage of the tournament ”.

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