Santiago Naveda revealed why he decided to leave the Eagles

santiago navedaa youth squad player for the Águilas del Club América and who aimed to be an important player in the first team, will leave the MX League in this transfer market to emigrate to football in Europe, as he will become a new player in the miedz from Poland.

In an interview for FOX Sports, Naveda revealed the reason that led him to leave America, commenting that the lack of opportunities in the first team ended up being one of the main reasons why he decided to leave the club in this transfer market. .

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“The truth is that a little of what influenced the decision to go to Poland were the conditions that were taking place today in the club. I had no participation in the first team, I was not traveling or to the friendlies, so that influenced my decision a lot “

On why he chose Miedz, “Santi” Naveda declared that he analyzed the options he had and being able to play in a European team and surround himself with other types of players was what ended up convincing him.

“When it comes to seeing teams, to see what was the best option for me, I think this one from Poland was the one that made me most excited because it is a European team, you know that in Europe you surround yourself with different types of rivals, teammates, and I think it will help me a lot to grow”

Finally, Naveda stated that his goal is first to earn a place in Miedz, and then try to jump to one of the five major leagues in Europe with a more competitive team.

“That I can go there, have a great year, add minutes, adapt to what Europe is and then, why not, be able to jump to a higher level league and be able to stay for more years”

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