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The greatness of a footballer is not only measured in goals, assists or games in World Cups, it is the gestures with their fans and the time they dedicate to them that also makes them heroes for many. Santiago Giménez was spoiled by Cruz Azul and a fan named Rubén Acevedo confirms it, after having received from the striker a unexpected gift.

This man is a faithful follower of The Machine, is continually present outside La Noria and the players already have it identified; well, how well known will it be that the Bebote Giménez presented him with the 2021 Closing Champion medal to recognize him for his years of dedication and passion.

About three weeks later (from the title) I was here, as always, and Santiago called me to get closer; I thought he would give me something, but I didn’t think it would be this surprise. Take out this little box and I imagined that they were a watch or perfumeI thanked him and when I wanted to walk away, he asked me to open it in front of him,” explained the man, who was interviewed by reporter Héctor Hernández from W Sports.

He insisted that I open it, I was very nervous. When I first opened it I didn’t see anything on the cover, but I pick it up and find this,” added the nicknamed Fan Number 1, who broke down in tears remembering the unforgettable moment thanks to Santi Giménez.

In fact, the now footballer for Feyenoord in the Netherlands wrote a dedication to Don Rubén that says: “For Fan #1 with love from your friend, Santiago Giménez. The ninth is also yours”something that makes this medal a true treasure, both for its sentimental value and thinking about an eventual sale that could leave him a good sum.

Gimenez to Feyenoord. When does he debut?

On August 1, Giménez was presented as a Feyenoord player, considered one of the big three in the Eredivisie, but his debut would take place until Day 3, the August 21 on the visit to the Waalwijk.

Currently, Santiago is in Mexico waiting for a work permit to be granted. to re-enter the Netherlands, make himself available to the club and begin training, which is why his presentation on the field is estimated until then; He even went to La Noria to say goodbye to his friends.

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