Santiago Giménez assured that he is going through the big door of Cruz AzulMediotiempo

Santiago Gimenez considered that his departure from Blue Cross It is through the big door, thanks to the support of the board, which allowed him to sign with the Feyenoord of the Netherlands; also, because he is going on a European adventure after being MX League Champion and command the scorers table in the Opening Tournament 2022.

“I loved itI would not have liked to go out the back door in the team that I love, That would not have happened because of the love I have for the club. I am grateful to Victor Velazquezwith Jaime Ordiales, because They let me out through the big door, I left the club very well”, Giménez said at a press conference, where he did not rule out returning one day.

“I know that there may be a possible return in a few years; I’ve been going to the stadium as a fan since I was a child, now I have to be a player and in Holland I’m not going to stop defending the club”; before the comparison made with Hugo Sánchez, a historic Real Madrid player, Giménez showed his maturity by answer: “Hugo Sanchez In other words, he is a historical player, I will have him as a reference, but I know that I will never achieve what he was”.

The National Team, on its horizon

Giménez revealed that he spoke with Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican National Team, about his signing in the eredivisie and assured that his thought is to get on the list for Qatar 2022.

“I have not spoken with Tata after the signing, but I did speak before to open the panorama; he is a very wise man and that is why I asked for his advice, ”said Giménez. “The dream of every Mexican is to go to Europe, one cannot let go of what is happening, because you don’t know how it is tomorrow. I don’t see why wait, if you have the opportunity to fulfill a dream.”

Even if you don’t get to the World Cup in Qatarthe striker has in mind to continue working thinking about the 2026 World Cup.

“In the Mexican National Team I see myself as a man defending the shirt to the death; I don’t know if I’m going to be on the list, but if you ask me, I’m going to be positive with myself: in my eyes it’s being in the World Cup. I can tell you that yes, there is a lot of time left, everything is in the hands of God. When the time comes, if it happens, I’ll be happy; If it doesn’t happen, I’ll continue, because you don’t go to a World Cup, you’re not going to throw in the towel”.

See you soon from Giménez to the club

Finally, Santiago Giménez commented: “I am going to miss Cruz Azul, the day to day with my teammates, coaching staff, board of directors, the locker room and the achievements we have achieved; through the years the players have changed And that’s what I’m going to miss. I am grateful that each one of them has trusted me and I know that in football you find a family”.

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