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11/15/2021 08:20:11 Sanitas, a health specialist company, has opted for digitization as a means to improve the quality of its medical care. This innovative process, specially designed to guarantee the best customer service, also has the advantage of promoting the conservation of the environment. Thus, thanks to the use of digital services, Sanitas clients have managed to avoid the emission of 6,035 tons of CO2 in the first nine months of 2021. This figure is the equivalent of the carbon dioxide absorbed by 100,000 trees in ten years.

Already in 2016, Sanitas incorporated the video consultation service, which was extended to all its clients in 2020 due to COVID-19. This meant multiplying by 15 the number of digital consultations made the previous year. In addition, through its My Sanitas app, users have the possibility to download their medical reports directly, without having to travel to the centers, while consulting these results with their doctors digitally. Specifically, so far this year more than 2,747,000 reports have been downloaded through this system, with the consequent savings in emissions related to travel to the centers, and also the saving of paper, 8 tons, which means no print the results of medical tests. The upward trend in the use of all these digital services has made it possible that, in the first nine months of the year, the amount of CO2 net avoided thanks to digitization is close to 6,635 tons that were avoided in the entire year 2020.

The emission data avoided by each user, thanks to digital services, is available to customers within the MiSanitas application itself. There they can check the net emissions of CO2 saved if, thanks to a video consultation or the download of a digital report, they avoid a trip by car, which makes them an active part of the CO reduction challenge2 in which companies and society are immersed. Customers can also check the total net emissions avoided during the year, through the “My Carbon Footprint” functionality.

“Our commitment to helping people lead longer, healthier and happier lives and create a better world is directly related to the One Health concept promoted by the UN. People’s health is directly linked to the health of the planet and, for this reason, to take care of and protect our health, we have to protect our environment ”, says Yolanda Erburu, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs at Sanitas and Bupa Europe & Latinamerica. “As a company we are committed to neutralizing the impact of our activity to face climate change and its effects on health. For this reason, we reduce the emissions we generate year after year and we involve our clients with functionalities such as the counter of emissions avoided in the app, which undoubtedly help to raise awareness about the importance of contributing our grain of sand on a personal level with the objective of protecting the health of the planet and people ”, says Yolanda Erburu.

Digitization makes it easier to care for the health of the planet from the entire activity of the company

The commitment to the digitization of services is not only limited to medical services, but is also extended to all of Sanitas’ activity. In this sense, the company’s dental clinics have developed an extensive digital program especially focused on guaranteeing the best care for their patients as well as an environmental improvement. Among them, the digital anamnesis process and informed consent stand out, with which about five tons of paper are saved annually.

Among the main innovations in Sanitas Dental, is the intraoral scanner, a system that allows a high precision digital diagnosis that, at the same time, has managed to significantly reduce the consumption of materials – both mold and impression – and the reduction of transport and storage of the same.

Sanitas hospitals have also implemented digital health programs that allow monitoring of patients from their own home and avoid travel to medical centers. These plans, which include, among others, smoking cessation, nutrition or pregnancy monitoring, offer access to the latest technologies, while promoting a more personalized monitoring of each patient. Likewise, the development of home hospitalization has been expanded, a system that offers greater efficiency in patient follow-up, which in turn reduces the need for patient travel and, as a result, avoids greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse.

In the Sanitas residences, where the use of digital medicine has established itself in the last year, the elderly have a video consultation service for emergencies and in 15 medical specialties, which leads to greater control of residents, as well as the reduction of visits to hospital centers.

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