Sandiaga admits he clicks on awards, promises to contribute 11 million votes


The chairman of the electoral body (Bapilu) of the PPP party Sandiaga Uno admits that he supported the potential PDIP presidential candidate Ganjar Pranovo. Sandiaga Uno even admitted that he could cast tens of millions of votes for Ganjar Pranovo in 2024.

“Very clicky, very personal click, but it’s a leader’s decision. Personally, this is a very clicky issue and we already have the chemistry, it’s just a matter of consideration from the political parties,” Sandiaga said after attending the 2024 Election Winners Consolidation at the DPW PPP Office, Jokya City, reports kidjogya Tuesday (08/29/2023).

Sandiaga understands that for the duo to be the NDIP vice presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election, the PPP must have a negotiating position. He said that he could give a total of 12-15% additional votes for PDIP.

“If we want to be considered by the PDIP, we must provide benefits and bring green economy ideas and benefit to the community. And to show that in total about 12-15% of the potential votes that we can contribute to a political agreement between the PPP and the PPIP, whether we can implement it,” he said.

Not only that, Sandiaga also raised the issue of the 2019 presidential election when he was side by side with Prabowo Subianto. He said that he could make the same contribution to Ganjar Pranovo.

“Thank God, my political career, which was still young at the time, was able to make a significant contribution. Now, if we convert it to PPP, PPP can reach the 11 million votes goal, and that can also help us grow politically. cooperation with PDIP,” he said.

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