Sandeva’s big dream is revealed: will Prachar grant his lover’s wish?

Currently, preparations are underway for the filming of the next series of the series from the TV Nova studio Edna Rodinje, Kam Sara Sandeva enters the role of Bara, which really activates the plot. “I’m just getting used to the role of Bara. I think in the scene we’re filming right now, she’s very upset. But other than that, I think she’s a good girl. She likes the surface world more, while she is quite educated and smart. It’s such a mix of two worlds.” Sandeva spoke about the features of her new position for

During the holidays, she filmed the series “On the Waves of the Adriatic” for Prima’s rival. Partner of Yakub Prachara in a new role (39) definitely doesn’t need it. However, since she is busy even in summer, she would like to treat herself to a well-deserved vacation.

Sara Sandeva at the opening of the festival: She and Prachar came just to ride!

She has already traveled part of the world with a host and an actor, but there is a place on her wish list that she has not yet visited and which she would like to fix. “I have such a dream. I would like to see Bali where I would also like to visit the temple” Actress Sara Sandeva expressed her desire in an interview with TV Nova. I hope it comes true as soon as possible.

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