Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: extreme challenge survivor

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Samsung’s latest foldable phone, has been put through extreme testing to evaluate its durability. Tests performed by JerryRigEverything in a recent video included scratches, burns, sand exposure, and reverse bending. The results were not only surprising, but encouraging for current and future Z Flip5 owners.

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Scratch and burn resistant

As part of the test, the screen of the Z Flip5 was scratched and burned. This is important for evaluating how well the phone handles everyday wear and tear situations, such as putting the phone in your pocket with your keys or accidentally exposing it to heat sources.

Sand exposure

Another important aspect of the test was the exposure to sand. The hinges and inner screen have been sandblasted to evaluate how well they resist dust and fine particles. The results were impressive: the hinges survived and the inner screen remained fully functional even after exposure to sand.

Bending test

Finally, the Z Flip5 was subjected to a reverse bend test. This is the ultimate test for evaluating the durability of hinges and phone construction. Surprisingly, the phone didn’t crack or buckle under pressure, indicating a significant improvement in Samsung’s durability.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 successfully passed all the torture tests, thus proving that it is a durable and reliable device. These results are good news for Z Flip5 owners as they show their phone can take a lot and live to tell the story of that experience. This is no doubt a testament to how Samsung has improved reliability over the years.

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