Salvadoran referees debuted on the right foot in the World Cup

Japan prevailed in a match against Germany which can well be considered one of the best so far and in which the presence of the Salvadoran stood out ivan barton and his line assistant, david moran.

The dream comes true for Iván Barton and David Morán. The Salvadorans saw action for the first time in this World Cup and had the responsibility of being in charge of one of the most attractive matches of the day.

Japan, a team that is liked and has been among the elite for years, was measured against a Germany that is not the same generation that was world champion but that seeks to get rid of the image it left behind in the last tournament.

Barton had a great responsibility. After several weeks in the country that hosted the World Cup, he and Morán passed all the tests, adapted to the technology used in this tournament, such as the semi-automatic offside, to be chosen in the commitment of the first date.

The referee Ivan Barton discusses with the players of Japan in the game against Germany

The referee Ivan Barton discusses with the players of Japan in the game against Germany

The referee must pass as little noticed as possible. They know it and that is the premise in each game: Help make the game fairer and that attention is not focused on them.

Iván’s first intervention came at minute 25. The center-back made use of the VAR in a play in which there were doubts about a possible penalty but Mario Vigliano, the Argentine, warned him that there was nothing.

It was at 33 ́ in which Iván Barton did not hesitate to decree the penalty that was awarded the first time by the Salvadoran and the VAR review was pure procedure. Penalty from goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda and Gudongan’s goal came.

The moment Gundogan takes the penalty that led to Germany's goal

The moment Gundogan takes the penalty that led to Germany’s goal

Before the goal, claims from the German players. Rudiger asked for more from the national. A yellow one, maybe something else. Ivan responded with what can be interpreted as “calm” when he was also approached by veteran Thomas Muller.

Regarding the movements of the Salvadoran on the court, the manual usually mentions that a referee must move quickly between 5 and 10 meters that allow him to be close to the play and not miss any offense.

There was no fault in the first half for Barton, who knew how to get close to the play but close enough not to interfere with the transfer of the ball from one place to another.

As for Morán, he failed in the last play of the first half. He was little involved before that but in Germany’s goal, which would be the second, but he didn’t see the position of the last German man offside.

This led to the VAR reviewing the action that ended up declaring an invalid goal. But at 56 ‘, Morán did improve his position to declare an offside that the screens in the press chair showed that he was correct.

The little intrusion of the central defender and his assistants was noted in a match in which there was fluidity in the game and was perhaps one of the most entertaining in this World Cup.

The work of Iván Barton and David Morán will now be under analysis. What is also notable is that the dynamics of the match were not clouded by the decisions of the referees. First game with remarkable performance.


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