Salma Hayek praises Angelina Jolie’s work as a filmmaker

Salma Hayek is impressed with Angelina Jolie. The Mexican actress revealed at a recent meeting that the Oscar winner is one of the most talented filmmakers she has come across in her career, Entertainment Weekly noted.

In an interview with People magazine, Hayek, in fact, said that Angelina is “probably the best director or director I’ve ever worked with,” he said. The protagonist of films like “Frida” then added: “And I worked with some pretty good ones.”

Ridley Scott, Robert Rodríguez, Oliver Stone, Julie Taymor, Chloé Zhao and Steven Soderbergh himself are some of the filmmakers with whom Salma Hayek has collaborated.

Thanks to Marvel

Salma Hayek has also forged a great friendship with the interpreter, who has stood out both for her dramatic talent and for her athletic abilities in action films.

I’ve always loved her as a director, but I think this (movie) could be her best, or one of her best (proposals),” Hayek said of the movie “Without Blood,” which reunited her with Jolie, after they coincided in the cast of Marvel’s “Eternals”.

Photo: Jolie and Hakek coincided in «Eternals». Photo: courtesy Marvel Studios

It should be remembered that Angelina Jolie made her directorial debut in 2011, with the war film “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Brad Pitt’s ex continued her path as a filmmaker in 2014, with another war drama, this time set in World War II: “Unbroken”. She later teamed up with her then-husband Brad Pitt to direct “By the Sea” in 2015, as EW highlights.

The harshness of war

It is worth noting that, according to Deadline, “Without Blood” is inspired by a novel by Alessandro Baricco, a portrait of the brutality of war through the story of a family going through a tragedy, and a girl who seeks revenge. In addition to Hayek, the Mexican Demián BIchir is also part of a feature film. The film is currently shooting in Italy.

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