Salma Hayek and Anne Hathaway will be rivals in the cinema

After its adaptation to the cinema, with the lead role of Brad Pitt and the film “Bullet Train”, the writer of “Maria Beetle” will once again lend a novel for a film and this time by the hand of two great Hollywood actresses: Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek. Kotaro Isaka is the author of Seesaw Monster and this time it will be the inspiration for an action film.

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“Bullet Train” was one of the premieres so far in 2022, which was full of action, thanks to the experiences of the criminal with bad luck played by Brad Pitt. But this time, the story of Kotaro Isaka will be reflected in a film that can follow the story of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who don’t get along, and a past that tests them to fight together. The film could have this plot if it clings to the Japanese author’s novel.

The film is already in the shooting stage for the Netflix platform and so far the only ones confirmed publicly are the successful actresses. While Salma Hayek comes from working on “House of Gucci” and “Eternal”; Anne Hathaway continues to reap the success of the series “WeCrashed” with Jared Leto.

As for the film’s script, this is by Olivia Milch (Ocean’s 8). Regarding its release date, it could be at the end of 2024, since it is in the early stages of filming. In a conversation with Vogue Mexico, Salma mentioned: “My roles are important but small in very big movies: I can’t do projects that are too long. Sometimes with François we come to an agreement, but we try not to keep it for a long time”.

Kotarō Isaka’s novel. Source: Instagram @aya_bookstagram

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For his part, hathaway continues to enjoy the success of her career coming in at age 40 (the actress blows out candles on November 12), on the heels of the streaming hit “WeCrashed,” the movie “Armaggedon Time” and the upcoming production, “ Mother’s Instinct”.

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