Salamanca City Council leads an awareness campaign on emotional well-being

Salamanca City Council launches an awareness campaign to promote healthy habits among the youth population. Under the slogan ‘The emotional well-being of youth matters’, it aims to raise awareness among the Salamanca population about mental health, which as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased its negative effects on adolescents and young people.

According to official data, 58% of people between 15 and 24 years old state that they often feel “anxious, nervous, worried.” Likewise, it is estimated that one in seven young people experiences a mental health problem, figures that reflect the importance of becoming aware of this problem.

To this end, the Salamanca City Council launches for a week, until November 23, this awareness campaign on the importance of emotional well-being with a dissemination campaign on 16 city buses, distributed on different lines that cover a large part of the city. town. At the same time, the message will be influenced through the social networks of the Salamanca City Council and the Youth Space, dependent on the Youth Council.

The campaign will direct by means of a QR code to a space enabled in the youth section of the municipal website where recommendations are collected to influence the improvement of emotional well-being and information about different resources that can directly or indirectly improve the quality of life of youth in Salamanca.

Specifically, you can find healthy leisure activities, training courses, physical activity and sports, volunteering and, ultimately, actions that seek to bring municipal services closer to the younger population, promoting personal relationships with other people, in such a way that this social group feel more integrated into their environment.

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