Saint Etienne vs PSG (1-3): Ramos debuted and Messi gave 3 assists

The PSG follow with firm step into Ligue 1, although it is difficult for him to get the results, after his 1-3 win over Saint Etienne, which involved one of the better days for Lionel Messi, because the Argentine distributed threes assists although the goal was denied on a couple of occasions.

The most outstanding facts, in addition to the Messi’s assists hat-trick, was that Sergio Ramos finally debuted with PSG, in addition to Neymar was injured about the end of the meeting.

The actions of Saint Etienne vs PSG

The match started with a high intensity, with a Saint Etienne plus in focus and with a PSG that it was difficult for him to settle in the field. This was to be demonstrated with the initial surprise, because Messi and Mbappé’s team started losing.

To the minute 23 of the game the locals would open the scoring, since they sent a filtered center, on the edge of the offside, where a first auction it was good stopped by Donnarumma, but Bouanga I would watch the play, I would take advantage of the rebound and would mark the 1-0.

The move what was I going to give heading to the meeting was the expulsion of Kolodziejczak, since after a hard tackle against Mbappé he took the Red card; after this would come the comeback of PSG.

On the play following the sending off, at minute 45 + 2, Marquinhos would score the equalizer, well after a great Lionel Messi center, the Brazilian would finish with a head; they were going to go 1-1 to rest.

The party continued its course, the PSG dominated more clearly and despite the fact that it was difficult for them to beat the defense, they would manage to give the final course to the minute 79, where a new action of Lionel Messi, outwitting the defense, left Angel alone Say Maria to finish off the goal, thus scoring the somersault.

Finally, at 90 + 1, Lionel Messi would receive the ball by the left band and it would reach the bottom line, where sent a center raised to Marquinhos and this one embedded it in the network; 1-3 final for PSG.

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