Sahroni advocates for restorative justice in the Mayang case and laughs at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia


The late Vanessa Angel’s sister, Mayang, was reported to Polda Metro Jaya because she allegedly laughed at a ceremony marking Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day. Ahmad Sakhroni, Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament, insisted on resolving the case through restorative justice.

“The person concerned also had to receive social lessons and punishment. Therefore, restorative justice is the most appropriate method,” Saroni told reporters on Monday (August 28, 2023).

Restorative justice is the settlement of criminal acts by engaging perpetrators, victims, families of perpetrators, families of victims, community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders or stakeholders to work together to find a just solution through peace, emphasizing re-election to the original state. .

Returning to Saroni, in his opinion, it would be too much if the trial continued. He said Mayang’s actions took place in the private sphere, although they eventually spread on social media.

“It’s an inside and private joke where everyone has the right to laugh at anything. It’s just not right because it’s finally posted on social media,” said Saroni.

“This is not an insult or hate speech,” Saroni continued.

Earlier, a reporter named Jaenuddin stated that Mayang’s actions in a video he uploaded some time ago are suspected of being a form of insult to the state symbol at the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony.

“It is believed that he committed an unacceptable act that offended the state symbol. Because at that time he laughed while watching the process of the flag-raising ceremony. And there, the words ready … ready … ready. , laugh a lot, giggling ,” Jenoudin told reporter on Monday (August 28).

“After all, the ceremony was one whole: the red and white flag, and the song “Paradise of Indonesia”, and even the president, who saluted. There was no correlation, he also laughed, for what purpose,” he added.

The report is registered under the number LP/B/5046/VIII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA. On August 26, 2023, Janudin informed Mayang and Loli about the existing case. Both were subjected to the police in accordance with Article 66 of Law No. 24 of 2009.


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