Sabrina Asturias and low-cost medicine

“Looking for better health conditions for Guatemalans, Dr. Sabrina Asturias and her team compete for first place in a medical competition promoted by innovation and creation low-cost procedures,” says a report in the series defiant womenof the magazine Strategy and Businesspublished on May 25, 2022.

Sabrina Asturias is a professor of Trauma Simulation at the Francisco Marroquín University School of Medicine. She was a special guest at MIT Solve Lecture Panelan initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the mission of promoting innovation with social impact for solve global challenges and explain the process your project is in and what future awaits health in Guatemala.

Photo by magazine strategy & business.

«Dr. Asturias and her team of doctors, with extensive experience in injury prevention management, created Crash Savers, which in Spanish is equivalent to crash protectorsa mobile application with didactic operation to improve the quality of service in the pre-hospital system”, says the report.

«In the MIT Solve panel, the Guatemalan doctor comments on how Crash Savers generates a impact in a positive way to the health system, not only local, since the idea is being applied in countries that suffer the same precarious conditions in medical service, including Sudan, Ethiopia and India. Crash Savers has, among many of its features, a virtual module and a simulator called “do it yourself”, to increase knowledge and the medical skill of firefighters and paramedics, helping them save lives through open source clinical training.”

Said presentation was made between May 5 and 7, and prominent personalities and entrepreneurs in sectors such as sustainable economy, health and education. They work facing the global challenges that affect the most vulnerable communities, through their associations. Doctor Asturias shared the space of said international panel with Noubar Afeyan, co-founder and president of Moderna; Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi; Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and president of 23andMe; and Yuval Noah, historian and bestselling author as sapiens. All of them came together to find innovative solutions that can be applied globally and counteract the inequality gap.

School of Medicine

Guatemala, June 15, 2022

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