Russian soldiers use a small child as a human shield. They know that the Ukrainians will not “touch” them then


An interesting video from Tokmok appeared on social networks, where you can see Russian soldiers and a small child near the car. This is, of course, in order to avoid being hit by missiles.

A baby is seen standing on the left side of the car.

Does this mean that the Russians are taking children prisoner? “No, why in captivity. The Russian soldiers just stopped, if a child is standing on the street, apparently next to the cars, then the Ukrainians do not shoot at this target,” explains NBS major, National Guard staff officer Janis Slaydins in the TV24 program “The Truth about Military Operations in Ukraine.”

Perhaps the child was brought from a neighboring village as a human shield and sufficiently powerful Russian vehicles would have remained intact.

The Ukrainian drone removes this situation, but will not drop the bomb if there is a child there.



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