Russian Foreign Minister: We oppose the expansion of the Monroe Doctrine | News

The Russian Foreign Minister, Seguéi Lavrov, ratified this Saturday the position of his country in respect of International Law, as well as the opposition to the expansion of the Monroe Doctrine in the world.


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“Our commitment to international law is opposed to attempts to extend the Monroe Doctrine not only to Latin America, but to the entire world,” said the Russian foreign minister.

At the same time, Lavrov criticized the Summit organized by Joe Biden, which was distinguished by the exclusion of several countries in the region, “the Summit of the Americas made it clear that dictating (its rules) to the rest of the world is no longer an option “, narrowed.

The Russian foreign minister emphasized that despite the attempts of the United States (US) to prevent the development of a multipolar world, it is unstoppable and will materialize, “the multipolar world forms by itself and all current efforts of the West are intended to contain this objective historical process,” he added.

“From the moment the West cut off all contacts, we have worked and expanded relations with the East (…) Europe has disappeared from Russian priorities,” Minister Lavrov said.

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